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How to snag an alligator

This is one of the hardest things to do. Most people dont under stand that, when snatch hooking a gator 90% of the time they are underwater. Snatch hooking is difficult starting off, but when you start to get the hang of it. Its really easy. You start to learn there movement. Where there going to go how far there going to go. Snatch hooking has its ups and downs. You could spend 40 min trying to snatch hook an alligator and not get one. Then you could make one cast and snag the gator!

I use 50lb Power Pro to snag alligators I also sometimes use braid leaders. I use a 10-20ft section of 130lb braid. The reason i do this, is because most of the time the gators are at the bottom just sitting there. You can keep constaint pressure on them. It also frays towards the hook. I Do NOT USE CABLE LEADERS. I use 6'6 and 6' ft rod. Its nice and stiff but flexible to throw your hooks a nice distance. Flexible enough so i can feel everything the snatch hook hits. I prefer to use a 12/0 hook with 2-1/2oz of lead.

Also if The gator go's to the bottom of the and its muddy he will make a bubble trail. If you think your close and he stopped by you stomping on the bottom of the boat will usually make him move again or bump your trolling mottor. It will get him moving again causing another bubble trail.

alligator snag hook