Gator Hunting Supplies
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This is one of the best way to start hunting alligator. While its legal in Florida, it maybe illegal in other states. Please check your State laws.

In Florida you are allowed to bait with wooden pegs that are less then 2 inches long.When baiting your want to hang your bait or have it float. Do not let your bait sink. If it sinks the gator will probably will not find it. The line must TERMINATE at you.I use a fishing pole and back away 150-200 yards.

For bait I use chicken or beef lung. I prefer beef lung when I have it. I like the texture of it and it holds up better then rotting chicken. The bigger gators seem to like it a lot more.

While some people do not like to bait I do. I have learned that its best to use some sort of light to help locate where your bait actually is. I started off using weights to keep my baits in place but i now free float them. Free floating them helps me cover more water. I use 50lb braid.